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Antique Minton Moyr Smith trades Industry Fireplace Tile Set

Reference: AT669 - Antique Tile Set includes both sides to suit cast iron tiled fireplaces. An excellent tile Set, designed by John Moyr Smith for Mintons China Works. I love the colourway, buff clay I so much prefer for Moyr Smiths classical style, chocolate brown is so warm and friendly and also produces a clear and crisp print. The series variously called Industry and Trades both words having changed their meanings in the intervening century and a third. Industry used to mean more as we understand endeavour, work done by persons, now it means big business, strangely the adjective industrious retains its original, personal connection. Trade similarly now means more to barter, to earn ones living by transactions, trade used to mean possessing a skill, usually practical, by which one could earn a living. John Moyr Smith was perhaps the most popular artist of the Victorian era, certainly on tile. More of his work is seen on tiles than any other (known) artist but tiles were but one string to his bow, his work was seen in books and on greetings cards amongst other media but in his day he was widely known for illustrations and cartoons in Punch, the long lived satirical magazine. He was also an accomplished architect and designer in other fields

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Sizing Details

  • Width: 5.98" (152 mm)
  • Height: 5.98" (152 mm)


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